Cognac for health?

Many people would never associate distilled liquor with better health, but that is changing. As long as you don't overdo it or exceed the recommended 2 drink per day limit, oak aged liquors can be beneficial. Why oak aged? While limited amounts of alcohol can itself be beneficial, once a spirit is oak aged it is filled with a powerful antioxidant imparted to it by the oak barrels. Ellagic Acid is the antioxidant's name.

Any oak aged beverage can qualify, which would also include most wines and even Tabasco pepper sauce, which is aged in oak barrels. Other oak aged spirits are most whiskeys and some rums, and who knows maybe others as well.

One very interesting property of ellagic acid is the ability to relax blood vessels. When blood vessels relax, blood pressure drops. ;-)

Cognac slows time as well. :D

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