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What would a heavy set guy approaching middle age know about the subjects of nutrition, vitamins, and research that he could pass on to the general public? Well, I used to be a weight lifter before getting married. At one time I was in great physical condition, which has been whittled away through 10-15 years of courtship, marriage, and fatherhood. I still keep up on these various subjects, these days mostly as a response to trying to find out the root cause of or how to prevent the latest age and fat related ailment. ;-)

So, hang on and I'll see what I can present. I have many years experience fighting borderline high blood pressure (hypertension), and have gone the route of drugs and natural countermeasures. I also have experience fighting sleep apnea, using CPAP, and many other things.

I am also interested in everything from the quality of drinking water to the science of water filtration. Antioxidants in fruits and teas and the wonders of Omega 3 fish oil also come to mind.

To health! ;-)

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