Vitamin D cuts MS risk?

There is an interesting study doing the news article rounds, about Vitamin D levels being associated with risk of developing MS. From what they see, a higher Vitamin D level in the body controls "rogue cells" which attack the myelin sheathing around nerve cells. There isn't anything concrete yet, but remember that Vitamin D deficiency has already been linked to several cancers. If you live in the Northern hemisphere you don't get Vitamin D from sunlight from autumn until spring. In the Us if you live north of a line on the map from Atlanta Georgia to San Francisco, California, you need at least a 400IU Vitamin D supplement daily. Milk and multivitamins are fortified with Vitamin D. Most multis contain 400IU of D. I personally take an extra 400IU and eat oily fish like sardines/herring and salmon semi regularly. Also note that most sunscreens in the summer prevent Vitamin D conversion because it blocks the UV rays which cause the chemical reaction in the skin. You only need about 10 minutes of noontime sunlight without sunscreen to get the Vitamin. You can apply the sunscreen after that. If UV skin cancer is such a worry to you or if you live in Australia, then take the Vitamin or make sure your diet has enough in it.

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