Can Pizza be Healthy?

Well, if you trust the place that makes it - like a local place vs the big pizza chains - and you eat it in moderation, then sure. We have a local place near where I work which makes the best thin crust pizza. It's to DIE for. I had some for lunch today. Someone at work ordered one with hot peppers and they couldn't eat much because they had lunch and someone brought it back for them so they asked if I could help eat it. Say the word! ;-) Always ready to help out a colleague in distress. :D

What's better is that since the crust is thin that's less bread as compared to a traditional type of pizza. That is if you don't eat a whole pie and at this place it's easy for a regular sized guy to eat an entire large pie since the crust is so thin. The place is Kinchley's Tavern in Ramsey, NJ. (US)

I can't do a better review than this guy has done. They have many photos and an extensive well written review, so I linked to it. Enjoy!

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