Anchovies Rule!

Many Americans today are sissies who can't tolerate strong tasting food. That's not an anti American comment. I am an American. I find that a great percentage of the people whom I know and meet have an aversion to things like anchovies, sardines, herrring, most fish, raw garlic, etc. Now I know that some of these foods may not be a first choice when in polite company or if you are headed to a job interview, but let's get real, people. Except for the sodium content, anchovies and sardines are good for you. Actually, if you look at the sodium content of many popular and fast foods, and adjust for portion or serving size, you would find that many come close to anchovies. Also, if you drink enough water and are generally healthy it isn't a problem.

So, lets look at the can label. It says about 2 servings per container, so amounts are doubled. Total fat 2.5g, Cholesterol 15mg, Protein 4g, Sodium 1050mg. So that's 2100mg sodium per can, but wait a minute. You can't tell me that much of that sodium hasn't leaked into the olive oil that fills the can and surrounds the anchovies, and you don't drink the oil, right? It's probably a lot less consumed - that is unless those numbers are strictly for what is in the fish. I doubt it.

Anchovies are also high in Omega 3 fatty acids, the good stuff that you need, and are packaged in olive oil, which is great for you as well.

Put it this way. I could have gone out for lunch today and gotten a huge roast beast sandwich wrap, or even a fast food double hamburger or some fried chicken. It was late and I didn't want to go out in the rain or eat a huge lunch late in the day, so I opted for one of those cans of anchovies in my desk drawer. I have frozen grain bread in the freezer at work, and they have a toaster oven. So, I had toast covered with anchovy filets. Luckily I work in a sparsely populated office devoid of those shallow little disco girls who would surely make comments about the stinky offensive fish and save me the trouble of telling them to go break a leg on the dance floor. ;-)

Honestly, I can't understand many of these people. I have friends who are big hulking men who go to pieces around fishy food. It's sad.

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